IRS Representation

During our years of experience dealing with various taxing authorities, we have achieved a level of competence that can ensure our clients are being properly represented before the federal and state tax agencies. Awareness and consideration of the practical issues are often as important as technical knowledge in securing a positive outcome for the client. Our experience will generate favorable results for you.

Resolving Unfilled Returns

We have the ability and resources to prepare any back tax returns, for any year, any type of entity, including out of state returns. If you do not file your back returns, the IRS will prepare “substituted for” returns reporting only your income without any offsetting deductions you may be entitled. This will increase your tax liability and add to the penalties and interest you owe. We can assist you in procuring the back tax data needed to file your returns. Our office has worked with several IRS agents over the years and can make this effort smoother than you may imagine.

IRS Installment Payment Arrangements

Many people during these hard times qualify to pay their income taxes under an installment payment program. We can advise you as to the minimum amount you need pay on a monthly basis. Oftentimes, taxpayers can offer a payment plan that is automatically accepted by the IRS without having to file financial request forms. There are many IRS payment options. We can discuss all options with you and assist in getting the required IRS approval.

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